TurboMac Mac OS X PUP Removal Instructions

The article will help you to remove TurboMac Mac OS X PUP fully. Follow the browser hijacker removal instructions given at the end of the article.

TurboMac Mac OS X PUP is a virus threat that can can cause malicious actions to the infected systems. Our in-depth removal article shows how the threat behaves and how victim users can remove active infections.

Threat Summary

TypeAdware with redirect scripts
Short DescriptionA dangerous infection that will lead to pop-ups generation and can execute different malicious actions.
SymptomsVictims may experience system performance issues and will see ads and other obtrusive scripts.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads, malicious scripts and other methods.
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TurboMac Mac OS X PUP – How Did I Get It

The infection can be acquired by running into any one of the popular distribution methods. A main method is the coordination of phishing SCAM messages that are sent in bulk to the targets. The PUP setup file may be attached directly or linked in the body contents. The messages themselves are designed as usual notifications that have been sent by popular Internet services or sites that the users might use.

The criminals can use fake download sites that represent malicious doubles of legitimate download portals and the vendor software pages. To drive traffic to them the hackers can use various scripts such as in-line links, JavaScript code, pop-ups, banners and ads.

Many of the infections can be caused by installing a malicious payload. There are two main types that are popular with criminals:

  • Infected Documents — All popular document types can be modified to include scripts (macros) that can lead to the virus infection — (Read more...)

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