Smart Security Week Sessions: Marseille, France

Starting on Monday, September 24th, I am so excited to kick off my international tour at several events during Smart Security Week in Marseille, France.

Register today to meet at Connect Security World and at Predictive Security World. I am honored to have had three of my papers accepted: Memory-Based Attacks and AI for Evil: What You Should Know; Artificial Intelligence: Impact on the World; and Think like a Bad Guy: An Introduction to Understanding the Why and How of an Attack and How to Prevent It.

Connect Security World focuses on artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and the security of all of these devices. Because of this focus, I will discuss what new threats in our world look like, how they have evolved, and what the good guys can still do to protect themselves.

As the technology to protect organizations has evolved, attacker strategies have also evolved to try and circumvent these technologies. One of these ways is by using memory-based attacks. There are multiple strategies that attackers will try and use this method and I will present two of the most relevant, common ways memory attacks occur.

If you don’t currently have purpose-built technology to stop these, you will learn ways to be better protected against these that you can implement immediately. But attacker strategies will also inevitably evolve to using adversarial AI. Because of this, everyone should gain a better understanding of what AI technology actually is, how it is made, and the ways that it can be misused, just like any tool, for illicit gain.

Predictive Security World focuses cybersecurity and predictive technologies along with how advanced analytics, automation tools, and threat intelligence can thwart the rapidly changing cyberthreat landscape. 

At this conference, I will take large, complex ideas and (Read more...)

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