Reset Your Mac® Password

Password reset for Mac

Many people assume that identity security pertains solely to your online identity. While online identities represent one of the more common attack vectors for hackers, there’s another one that represents a vulnerability as well: your Mac®. Maybe you forgot your computer bag at the bus stop or underneath a stool at the bar; should your password lack complexity, accessing sensitive company data would be a breeze. On top of that potential security breach, once a malcontent breaches the system itself, accessing password databases or single sign-on (SSO) portals may not present much of a challenge, either. Are you freaked out yet? Good. Let’s chat about how to reset your Mac password in a way that increases your security online with various systems, applications, file servers, and networks.  

Reseting your Mac Password

Reset your Mac Password the “Old Fashioned” Way

You can, of course, use the traditional on-system method to reset your Mac password. The traditional on-system method requires digging through the System Preferences application to locate the Security and Privacy portal. Once you’ve sorted through the barrage of icons, click the Change Password button. If you’re non-tech savvy, this process can provide some level of hardship, but most users can complete it.

Recovery Mode Password Reset

For last ditch efforts, you can put your Mac into Recovery Mode, which can be accomplished by pressing and holding the Command and R keys at the same time. In the Terminal under the Utilities menu, enter “resetpassword” (without “”), and begin the process of resetting the password. For less tech savvy users, this option is not viable. In the situation that your Mac has been stolen, however, hackers can use the same method to bypass your security as well. While it may seem like there is no reprieve, that there is no single best way of resetting your Mac password, a new method has emerged.

The Best Way to Reset your Mac Password

Reset your Mac password with JumpCloud system app

The best way to reset your Mac password comes from a source you may not have considered, JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®. By using the JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service System App, you can reset (Read more...)

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