Remove MacBright Adware from Mac


This article presents an overview of the impacts that MacBright adware could cause to your Mac. In it, you will also find removal steps that could help you to get rid of all potentially harmful files.

MacBright is a potentially unwanted program classified as an adware. Once started on your Mac its code is capable of modifying certain settings and then starts to aggressively push online ads of various kinds. Since it is installed on your system it could be also able to harvest sensitive data from affected browsers and store it on connected servers.

Threat Summary

TypeAdware for Mac OS
Short DescriptionA potentially undesired program that invades system without your knowledge and starts generating lots of ads in the affected borwser.
SymptomsDifferent ads attempt to trick you into visiting bogus web pages that may steal sensitive credentials or promote potentially harmful applications.
Distribution MethodFreeware packages, Bndling
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by MacBright

Combo Cleaner
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MacBright – How Did I Get It

Software bundling is most likely the primary technique that distributes MacBright adware. With the help of this technique adware’s owners are able to bundle their deceptive program with various free third-party apps. In order to trick you into installing on your Mac they conceal the information about its presence hoping that you will choose to follow the basic installation steps. Actually one way to prevent the installation of PUPs like MacBright is to select the Advanced/Custom configuration steps during the installation process of new apps. Usually, they are set to present information about existing extras as well as option to opt out their installation.

Another spread technique that may grant MacBright adware access to your device (Read more...)

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