Recap: Partner UNLOCKED 2018

This year saw Thycotic’s Annual International Partner Conference – UNLOCKED took place in the stunning seaside location, Nice, the heart of the French Riviera. Hosted at the waterfront destination, the Radisson Blu, we were joined from the 4th – 6th September by our wonderful partners from all across the world. From enjoying lunch on a lovely private beach to taking in the breathtaking views and grounds of the Chateau de Crémât, International Partner Unlocked 2018 really was unforgettable.

As a global organization, it was great to have our partners attending from across 24 different countries, with partners making the long journey from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, and the UAE to participate in the 2-day informative and interactive event. We thank each and every one of you for making this the best UNLOCKED conference yet. We would also like to take this time to thank the amazing Darrell Rae, discovered by Vice President – Simon Azzopardi, who flew all the way from Nashville, Texas to be with us at UNLOCKED, and graced us with his wonderful talent.

UNLOCKED enables us to bring our partners together and assist them in their development, their familiarity with our privileged security offerings, and to share experiences partner to partner. But more so, this conference provides us with the greatest opportunity to build and maintain those all-important relationships. Year to year, we are amazed by the dedication we are shown, and it is to say that it is this commitment, drive, and enthusiasm that each partner has towards Thycotic, that enables us to be at the forefront of the Privileged Account Management industry.

Many presentations were led by the senior management team at Thycotic, and those include Company Executive Officer – Jim Legg, Chief Marketing Officer – Steve Kahan, and Vice President – Simon Azzopardi who gave in-depth insights into Thycotic’s future and success. However, we must not forget every other individual who stood and gave some great insights into our new products, campaigns, pricing, and all things technical.

After listening to our partner’s feedback from last year, this year we created dedicated tracks aligned to technical, sales & business development and marketing, as we want to ensure that each of you are reaping the full benefits of this conference depending upon your specialties, but also enabling our partners to diversify their interests and broaden their knowledge on all things Thycotic. At UNLOCKED, we want to enlighten our partners on what we can do TOGETHER to ensure success for both ends of the partnership, and therefore through insights into collaborations that we can do, we hope to strengthen those relationships as we move through the rest of 2018 and into 2019.

It is true to say that without our partners we would not be achieving the success we are today, and therefore Thycotic would like to thank each and every single partner for their continuous efforts and belief they have in our organization to become a leader in Privileged Account Management and security solutions.

Favorite Moments Captured

A special mention must go out to Ameen Al-Majzoub of Cirrus Networks, who was able to capture this lovely photo of all our partners and Thycotic employees enjoying a champagne reception at the Chateau de Crémât, using his drone. Thank you!

Also, please join us in congratulating this year’s award winners:

International Distributor Pre-Sales of the Year
Marc Sleeman & Sebastian Tennant, emt Distribution

International VAR Pre-Sales of the Year
Dominic Degen, Intellec

International Marketing Campaign of the Year
Mark Weatherill, Alpha Generation

International Pro Services Champions
emt Distribution

International MSP Champion

International Emerging VAR of the Year
Secon Cyber Security

International Distributor of the Year
Alpha Generation

If you would like to participate in a conference that allows you to discuss issues with industry leaders, share best practices, and learn from organizations at the forefront of the Privileged Account Management industry, then inquire here about becoming a Thycotic Partner!

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