One Identity for Both Office 365™ and G Suite™

Is it possible to have one identity for both Office 365 and G suite?

In the modern age, many organizations are now leveraging both Google’s G Suite™ and Microsoft® Office 365™. One may initially doubt the plausibility of this. After all, aren’t Google and Microsoft natural born enemies? Well, they are, but organizations don’t care about the competition between Google and Microsoft. What they do care about is providing their users with the productivity suite that most effectively handles their workload. Sometimes achieving that even means using both G Suite and Office 365. In the cases where both platforms are utilized, IT admins can’t help but wonder if it’s possible for their users to leverage one identity for both Office 365 and G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps).

The answer is, yes, you can have one identity for both, however, it hasn’t always been the easiest solution. The good news is, though, now there is a simple, straight forward way to have one identity for both G Suite and O365.

Challenges with Unifying Office 365 and G Suite Identities

Cloud identity management

Taking a step back, using both G Suite and Office 365 for productivity platforms actually makes a great deal of sense. Both are shifting core components of an enterprise’s productivity infrastructure to the cloud. They’re individually aiming to replace on-prem Microsoft Office, Exchange, and Windows File Server with cloud-based solutions. While they’re going about the same task (both providing email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.,), they’re handling it differently which makes organizations often compare and contrast the two solutions.

The main hiccup is coming from the fact that G Suite Directory (G Suite’s native user management tool) isn’t too keen on sharing their identities with Azure AD (Office 365’s user management system) and vise versa, for obvious reasons.

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Many organizations initially shifted to G Suite due to the fact that, at the time, Microsoft didn’t have a cloud platform. Not to mention, utilizing G Suite was much more cost-effective than leveraging Microsoft Exchange®, Office, and a Windows Server. Even those who didn’t make the initial shift to G Suite, now value the (Read more...)

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