MyShopcoupon Mac Adware – Remove and Stop Intrusive Ads

This article will help you to remove MyShopcoupon from your Mac. Follow the removal instructions for the unwanted software provided at the end.

Have you encountered MyShopcoupon ads while browsing on your Mac device? If this is the case you are experiencing, it is highly likely that you have been affected by an adware program. Reports indicate that MyShopcoupon is an ad-supported application that deceptively claims to provide shopping coupons and to notify users about special offers and discounts. Even though this may seem like a useful application to keep on your system, keep in mind that it may compromise it in various ways. If you have MyShopcoupon installed on your Mac, keep in mind that you will be seeing intrusive pop-up advertisements. Interacting with these ads is also considered unsafe, because they may redirect you to sites hosting more serious malware samples.

Threat Summary

Short DescriptionThe adware app will lead to pop-ups generation and may also execute other dubious or unwanted actions.
SymptomsVictims may experience system performance issues and may also see intrusive ads as well as other scrips.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads, malicious scripts, e-mail spam.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by MyShopcoupon

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MyShopcoupon Distribution Methods

You may have thought that your Mac is bullet-proof against malware infections of all types, but the truth is somewhat different.

For a device, as expensive as Apple Macs are, one would expect to get an above average cybersecurity protection from unwanted malicious software. Unfortunately, it turns out that it is not that difficult at all to compromise Mac’s security defenses. Malicious intentions are not so hard to carry out if an attacker decides to do so, say “sign” a malicious (Read more...)

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