MacKeeper Pop-ups Adware – How to Remove It (Instructions for Mac)

This article has been made in order to help explain what exactly is MacKeeper and how you can remove it from your Mac and stop pop-ups and other advertisements on it.

A new ad-supported program, called MacKeeper has been detected by security researchers to display various types of pop-ups, which are not malicious, but could lead to suspicious sites and may definitely be irritating. The program itself claims to optimize and improve the performance of your Mac, but the bad news is that it may also come standard with ads, because of users reporting a lot of advertisements to domains that contain MacKeeper in their name. If you see various types of MacKeeper advertisements on your Mac, read this article to learn how you can prevent them from appearing again.

Threat Summary

TypeAd-supported program for Mac OS
Short DescriptionClaims to optimize and speed up your Mac’s performance, but is often reported to be Mac-related.
SymptomsIt’s presence may be accompanied by aggressive advertising on your Mac.
Distribution MethodVia bundling, downloading the program from it’s website or via a redirec.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by MacKeeper

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MacKeeper Adware – How Did I Get It

The program MacKeeper is officially launched in 2010 by ZeoBIT, LLC. Two years later, the program was sold to Kromtech Alliance Crop. The ZeoBIT company has previously used a lot of aggressive marketing activities to promote it’s program, like redirects which prompt users to download the product, claiming that the victims’ Macs are full of junk, like the pop-up underneath:

The new owner of the program may have stpped some of those campaigns, but this does not mean that while browsing the web, you won’t encounter (Read more...)

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