Is Identity Management a Priority?

Is Identity Management a Priority?

Identity theft is the the number one attack vector compromising networks today. The right set of credentials are the keys to an organization’s digital kingdom. Beyond security, identity management is the pipeline to connecting end users to the IT resources they need. That makes it crucial to day-to-day efficiency as well. For both of these reasons, IT admins know that identity management is a priority, but should it be a higher priority than it currently is?

The Identity Management Timeline

cloud IAMIf you were to flash back about two decades ago, identity and access management (IAM) wouldn’t warrant a second thought. There was really only one enterprise-grade option.

In the early 2000s, Microsoft® Active Directory® (also known as AD or MAD) was the leading identity management provider due to its seamless integration with Windows®systems and resources. The arrival of web applications complicated matters somewhat, but you simply needed to tack a single sign-on (or SSO) solution on top of your AD service and you were back in business—no fuss necessary. These solutions were designed to federate AD identities to their web-based applications. None of the offerings in the SSO space were seeking to compete with Active Directory to be the core identity provider.

As time went on, the IT world started to see a major makeover. Mac® and Linux®systems began to crop up amongst Windows machines in the office. Data centers started shifting to the cloud with platforms such as AWS® and GCP™ offering cloud servers and other infrastructure delivered as a service. Web applications like Salesforce®, GitHub, Slack, and other non-Windows based solutions were replacing on-prem applications in just about every sector.

This slow march towards a modern IT environment pushed IT admins to abandon their aspirations for a single identity management solution that could manage their entire environment. With an increasing number of weaknesses between their on-prem identity provider and the solutions stacked on top of it, it’s no wonder IT admins pushed identity management to the backburner compared to other pressing issues.

Identity Management: Pressing Matters

identity management: pressing mattersFor the (Read more...)

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