Enough ransomware cautionary tales

This week, a Denver based printing company was forced to shut down following a ransomware incident that they could not recover from.  When we founded Coveware we cited a story about an individual being extorted by a data recovery firm as one of the motivating factors to change the ransomware landscape. Now, 6 months in and having helped companies across the US and the world (1st international clients this week!) recover, we have realized that there is much more to solving the ransomware problem than predatory service providers.  

A steady rise of cyber attacks on small businesses

Small businesses like Colorado Timberline make up the fabric of the US economy, and they are under siege daily.  Cyber attacks on small businesses has been on the rise and helping firms like them recovery quickly, securely and at the lowest cost possible is our mission. Every case we handle educates our data set, so that the next business has slightly better odds, slightly less downtime, and lower costs.

We’re Here to help SMBs Recover from Ransomware

As excited as we are to hear the relief in our clients’ voices when a recovery is complete, stories like Colorado Timberline immediately harden our resolve to put an end to the cautionary tales created by ransomware.

If you are an SMB in need of ransomware recovery assistance, we urge you to reach out. Companies without the resources are helped at no charge, and our network of IT partners is there to support your data recovery post incident.  

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