Eclipse Che- WhiteSource’s Open Source Project of the Month for September 2018

Continuing our series of innovative and useful open source projects that you should know, we spoke this month with the creators of Eclipse Che.

First released in March 2016 by the Eclipse Foundation, Eclipse Che is an open source integrated development environment that will get as portable as your code and applications. Packing a serious punch, this one is an essential tool for developers looking to capitalize on solid open source options.

According to Che’s Project Lead Brad Micklea, “The idea of Che actually started as a cloud IDE for the eXo Platform product. However, it grew much more quickly than anyone expected and people began using it for development beyond eXo. At that point it was decided to spin it out of eXo Platform as its own company — Codenvy.

Codenvy’s mission was broader and more ambitious though, looking to remove the need for a developer to ever have to install or configure anything in order to contribute to a project.

As the project grew, it soon became obvious that a web IDE was the simplest part of the problem.he real issue explains Micklea was with the runtime and tools that a developer has historically installed and maintained on localhost.

“Runtime has always been the developer’s responsibility to create, manage and update. Plus, because each developer’s machine was unique, these workspace runtimes were difficult to share (even with VMs), hard to secure, slow to load, and fragile,” says Micklea, adding that in order to meet the challenges,“These were all things we wanted to change.”

Ultimately Codenvy decided to open source its technology as Eclipse Che as a growth multiplier for their product and adopted containers as a mechanism for providing standardization in the developer workspace. “That was (Read more...)

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