Dark Tequila Trojan Removal Instructions — Restore Your Computer From Infections

Dark Tequila Trojan is considered a dangerous virus, detailed information about its operations and removal instructions can be found in our article. It is being used against major services over the years in various attack campaigns. Its modular structures allows all sorts of customizations to take place.

Threat Summary

NameDark Tequila Trojan
Short DescriptionDark Tequila Trojan is an advanced and modular virus that has the ability to cause major damage to the infected host.
SymptomsThe victims may not experience any apparent symptoms of infection.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages, Scripts and others.
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Dark Tequila Trojan – Distribution Methods

The Dark Tequila Trojan can be distributed using various tactics, being used in both large-scale and smaller attack campaigns. A recent incident that bears samples of this threat was discovered in an attack on Mexico in August 2018. Despite this numerous versions of it have been known t obe active for at least five years.

Several distribution tactics can be used to cause infections using different methods. One of the primary ones is the coordination of SPAM email messages that make use of social engineering elements. The premises behind this strategy is to send out messages that are designed as typical notifications being sent by services and sites that the targets may use. The phishing messages can directly attach the virus files or link them in the body contents.

The Dark Tequila Trojan can alternatively be spread on file sharing networks such as BitTorrent. They are a preferred solution for spreading pirate and illegal files — virus-infected copies and the executable variants of it can be freely spread using (Read more...)

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