Cloud Active Directory® for MSPs

Cloud Active Directory for MSPs

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) around the world are more than familiar with Microsoft® Active Directory®  (MAD or AD). Even though it’s mainly limited to on-prem, Windows-based devices, MAD has been dominating the IT infrastructure space for almost 20 years. In 2000, 97% of all devices ran on Microsoft operating systems, so leveraging MAD in the workplace was more than appropriate back then. Additionally, most organizations were using Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Windows File Server, so Microsoft had an all-around dominating presence within the workplace. In 2012, however, less than 20% of all devices in use were Microsoft-based (including phones). While this decrease may not be as dramatic in the context of IT, it still represents how the grasp was loosening. Today? Many organizations have shifted away from using Microsoft IT resources, and the opportunity to move to the cloud has presented an entirely different direction for MSPs to manage client organizations. Let’s take a closer look at how the IT industry is changing and whether Active Directory for MSPs is still the best option for modern client management.

Moving Away from On-Prem & Break-Fix

Moving away from on-prem solutions

The demand for web applications, the rising influx of Mac® and Linux® systems in the workplace, and the limitations around using on-prem, Windows-only servers are causing client organizations to consider new ways of managing their infrastructure. When these organizations look to off-board their IT management, cloud-forward MSPs are seizing the moment by providing scalable and reliable cloud-based services. As a result, these cloud-forward MSPs are seeing significant efficiency gains, spending little-to-no time commuting to their clients and fixing servers, gaining time back for managing more clients.

While this industry-wide migration to the cloud is still largely underway, 75% of MSPs still offer break-fix services based around maintaining physical servers on-prem. Why? Traditionally, this is how client management has been conducted for some time, and change rarely comes easy. But, as the industry continues to change, cloud-forward MSPs are seeing a new opportunity on the horizon, and beginning to shift their business model away from on-prem maintenance. In fact, managed services accounted (Read more...)

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