CCleaner Did It Again: Users Forced to Version 5.46

CCleaner is once again being criticized. The software is forcing an update to the latest version, 5.46, even in cases when users have configured it not to undergo automatic updates. On top of that, once the upgrade is done, the user’s privacy settings are reverted to default.

If this sounds familiar to you – a similar scenario in which user trust was abused happened in August with the previous version of the program, CCleaner version 5.45.

Back then, Piriform was criticized for unwanted data collection. Users could choose to disable the system data collection and Active Monitoring under Options. However, the features would turn themselves on again the next time the program was started.

CCleaner Is Forcing Updates to Version 5.46

It appears that the very same thing is happening again now with CCleaner version 5.46. Users’ complaints were first registered on September 6th on Piriform’s forum where it became evident that their versions of the software were being updated to version 5.46 without their consent and with disabled automatic updates.

What did Piriform say in response to the user reports?
The company said that the upgrades were needed to meet GDPR requirements:

Since the release of v5.46 we have updated some users to this version to meet legal requirements and give users more autonomy and transparency over their privacy settings.

This update has ensured that users are on a GDPR-compliant version that includes the most up-to-date privacy settings available (

Not surprisingly, users found this explanation inadequate. One user, for example, noted that he fails to see “how you can talk about privacy and transparency and at the same time go into a user’s machine, without their permission, and change their software”. Another user remarked that “Avast has been digging CCleaner’s (Read more...)

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