Best Identity and Access Management

Best Identity and Access Management


One of the hottest segments in the IT management tools marketplace is identity and access management (IAM). There are a number of different approaches to this market, but historically the most popular option has been to leverage the traditional IAM solution, Microsoft® Active Directory® (MAD or AD). However, with the shift to the cloud and new requirements coming from regulatory agencies, many IT admins are wondering what is the best identity and access management solution?

What’s Best for You?

Like anything else, the definition of “the best” really means what’s best for your organization. There is no best solution for every organization. So, a core part of figuring out what’s best for you is to deeply understand your requirements and what’s important to you. Is a cloud solution critical so you can rid yourself of on-prem AD and its maintenance? What about being able to support mixed-platform environments with macOS® and Linux® systems, AWS®, G Suite™, NAS devices, cloud storage and more? Is WiFi and identity security top of mind?

All of these questions and many more help IT organizations determine what IAM solution is the best fit. With the dramatic shift to the cloud underway combined with heterogeneous environments, it is clear that the traditional approach to IAM isn’t working. Leveraging the on-prem Active Directory platform and then patching it with web application SSO solutions, identity bridges, MFA point tools, governance applications, and more isn’t a sustainable identity and access management strategy. It just takes too much time, and onboarding new employees can take forever with so many different resources to allocate.

Identity and Access Management, Simplified

Best IAM solution for you

The best identity and access management approaches recognize the modern IT landscape and securely manage and connect users to their IT resources regardless of platform, provider, protocol, and location. Such a solution is JumpCloud®Directory-as-a-Service®. JumpCloud allows IT admins to securely manage their users’ access to just about any IT resource their users leverage day-to-day from a single pane of glass. No more cobbled-together strategies with each requiring a different password.

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