Announcing the Plugin Password Policy Manager for WordPress

WordPress has come a long way in helping administrators run more secure sites, though weak passwords are still a big issue. That is why we still see so many successful WordPress brute force attacks. Though there is light at the end of the tunnel! We have developed a plugin to help WordPress site owners like you enforce strong passwords on users – Password Policy Manager for WordPress.

Getting the Password Policy Manager WordPress Plugin

You can buy the plugin Password Policy Manager for WordPress from Envato’s Code Canyon. To read more about the plugin and its features refer to the Password Policy Manager for WordPress plugin page.

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Password Policy Manager for WordPress plugin settings

Why is it a Premium Plugin?

Those who have been following WP White Security most probably will remember that this plugin was previously available for free on the official WordPress repository. In just a few months the plugin was downloaded more than 10,000 times. We had received a lot of positive feedback and wanted to continue developing the plugin and adding new features.

Though we couldn’t continue developing and improving the plugin if we offered it for free. So we decided to invest in it and build a solid solution, something that is better than what we had. A plugin that will be supported long term and not just a quick, hobbyist solution. So we have rewriting the code, added new features and launched it again. We also have a roadmap ready for it, with new features we will be adding in the upcoming months.

Take Advantage of the Introductory Price – Buy the Plugin Today!

Since we have just launched the plugin we have a special offer. You can buy the plugin for just $14! Hurry up because this special offer is only available until the 6th of October 2018! Go ahead, install the plugin and configure those much needed password policies for better WordPress password security. When you install it we’d be happy to hear back from you on what are your thoughts. Any type of feedback is greatly appreciated. Please use our contact form to send us any comments and feedback you might have.

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