451 Research Webinar: The Evolution of Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response products were introduced to the market in the early 2010’s and have focused on detecting signs of a compromised system by recording behaviors and then alerting humans.

Unfortunately, the scale and pace of attacks often overwhelm even the best security analysts and teams. As technology improves, new approaches to performing endpoint detection and response emerge.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are new technologies that have been successfully applied to the traditional antivirus problem of detecting “infected” or malicious files without the need for manually created signatures.

It is now possible to extend this technology to the problem of detecting, and preventing attacks based on new techniques that do not rely on infected files, but rather on the malicious behavior of systems regardless of the technique used for the attack.

Join Fernando Montenegro of 451 Research and Ed Metcalf of Cylance for this webinar about how endpoint detection and response can evolve by incorporating these newer capabilities, and thus better support defenses in the modern threat environment.

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