Win Tonic PUP – Is It a Fake Scanner and How to Remove It

This article has been created to give you insight on what is the Win Tonic PUP and how you can remove it from your computer effectively and permanently.

A new potentially unwanted software going by the name Win Tonic has been detected by Symantec researchers. The Win Tonic PUP is the type of software which is created to help optiminze computers and make them faster. The program claims to detect and remove invalid registry entries, malware and also junk files, calling them potentially unwanted items. However, what may be potentially unwanted is the Win Tonic program itself, primarily because researchers believe that the detections it displays may be various different types of objects on the computer which may be completely legitimate. This may be done with the purpose to get you to purchase the full version of Win Tonic software.

Threat Summary

NameWin Tonic
TypeHoax PC Scanner
Short DescriptionMay display fake detections of malware and PC errors to get users t pay for a full version of the program.
SymptomsYour PC may expeirence slow-downs and the program may start automatically and show errors on each scan.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Win Tonic

Malware Removal Tool

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WinTonic – Spread

In order to be replicated on the victims’ computers, the Win Tonic software may either be added in the installers of other programs as a part of a bundling affiliate program or it can be downloaded from a misleading web page.

If WinTonic is added as a result of software bundling, the program may be added in one of the installation steps of the setup of any free software you may have (Read more...)

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