Win Speedup 2018 “Virus” – What Is It and How to Remove It

This article has been made in order to best explain what is the Win Speedup 2018 software and how you can remove it fully from your PC.

A new hoax optimizer program which is going by the name Win Speedup 2018 was recently found by researchers. The software aims to make it seem that it is a legitimate program that only makes it seem as it detects malware and various types of threats on the victims computers, but instead asks for victims to purchase it’s licensed version to remove those threats. The program has been instead regarded as one of those hoax antivirus and helper products that may only make it seem as if it has detected performance issues on your computer, whereas in fact these issues may not even exist. Such programs often aim to get you to pay for the full version in order to remove problems with your PC that may or may not be real. This is why if you want to remove Win Speedup 2018, we recommend that you read this article carefully.

Threat Summary

NameWin Speedup 2018
TypeHoax PC helper
Short DescriptionAims to display hoax detections of viruses with the main purpose to get victims to buy the full version of the software..
SymptomsMay run automatically on system start and may run scans by itself. May detect legitimate files as viruses..
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
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How Did I Get Win Speedup 2018

The primary way which is used to get you to download the Win Speedup 2018 is to be redirected to web pages that falsely claim (Read more...)

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