What Is It Like Being a Freelance Penetration Tester?


There are as many ways to conduct a penetration test as there are to shield a network. But when it comes to employment as a penetration tester, the possibilities sometimes seem just as wide open, and that can be intimidating. Many pentesters work in teams, attempting to break into huge firms using dozens of different methods. But others get into the game because they want to act as a lone wolf, working for themselves and going where the work takes them.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of working as a freelance pentester, as well as the day-to-day experience of pentesting as a freelancer, how to break into the industry and where to begin your professional journey.

Is Freelance Penetration Testing a Good Way to Get Started in the Industry?

Freelance pentesting is perhaps one of the most rewarding opportunities you can get as a pentester. However, the skills and experience required to get to this point will demand that you understand how the basics of pentesting work. These skills will be learned from an internship position at a reputable cybersecurity company.

Assuming you have never executed a pentest before, you will be placed with a team that is responsible for conducting pentests for clients. You will learn how to deliver within the stages of pentesting and do this based on different methodologies, to acquaint yourself with the different environments in the real world. One very important thing you will gain is client-facing experience. This is something that will give you the confidence needed to face your clients and engage them professionally.

Reporting your findings and communicating to C-suite using non-technical language is something most pentesters struggle with. A maximized internship opportunity will reward you with a good understanding of how proper reporting is conducted (Read more...)

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