Turla Trojan Removal Instructions — Restore Your Computer From Infections

The Turla Trojan attacks are currently infecting users worldwide in an offensive campaign. The captured samples showcase that the threat can cause widespread damage on the compromised hosts. Our in-depth removal article shows how the victims can delete active infections.

Threat Summary

NameTurla Trojan
Short DescriptionThe Turla Trojan is a utility malware that is designed to silently infiltrate computer systems, active infections will spy on the victim users.
SymptomsThe victims may not experience any apparent symptoms of infection.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages, Scripts and others.
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Turla Trojan – Distribution Methods

The Turla Trojan is the collective name of which a group of backdoors and malware led by the hacking group bearing the same name is known. Over the years several active campaigns bearing modified versions of it.

The recent attacks carrying the threat use a classic infiltration technique which depends on the interaction with a Adobe Flash installer. This means that the hackers can leverage several different distribution techniques:

  • Fake Download Sites — The hackers can construct fake copies of legitimate vendor sites and download portals. They might use stolen web design elements and layout, as well as domain names. This can fool a large part of ordinary web users that can get redirected via search engine results or scripts such as pop-ups, banners, ads and in-line links.
  • Scam Email Messages — Another popular technique is the coordination of mass email SPAM messages. They are created using graphics and text taken from well known sites or Internet services. This can confuse the users into thinking that they have received a software update message from Adobe for instance. The (Read more...)

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