Top 10 Skills Security Professionals Need to Have in 2018


The shortage of information security talent gives infosec professionals a strong advantage in the job market, and those looking for new employment don’t have to wait long to find it. Recent research by (ISC)2 found that 20 percent of those pursuing a new job are receiving multiple contacts per day from recruiters, and another 33 percent are receiving contacts at least once a week.

Of course, a healthy job outlook doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to snatch your next dream job. One of the major challenges employers have is finding not just candidates but qualified candidates. You still need to show that you have the skills for the job, and that you’re the right fit in the organizational culture.

Technical skills are the most important in this industry until you get hired up the ladder into senior-level jobs like chief information security officer. However, even at the entry and middle levels, a few soft skills are necessary — so don’t think you’ll be working somewhere quietly in a corner without interacting with anyone all day.

Here’s a list of some of the top hard and soft skills that can help information security professionals succeed.

Security Analysis

A broad array of skills, security analysis includes understanding both security and the specific business with its unique problems. As part of this skill set, you’ll need to know how to use security tools strategically to monitor various systems and conditions, identify gaps and recommend ways to minimize the attack surfaces.

According to the (ISC)2 research on hiring and retaining security talent, security analysis is by far the skill industry professionals use the most: 62 percent said it was their most-commonly-used skill.

Penetration Testing

As hackers exploit vulnerabilities to infiltrate networks and systems and data breaches continue to break records, intrusion detection has become (Read more...)

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