The Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Information Security in 2018

It’s a good time to be in the information security field. Not only are the jobs plentiful, but the shortage of talent to fill those jobs motivates employers to offer top salaries to candidates.

The pay varies widely based on variables like geographic location and sector. However, Infosecurity Magazine estimates that infosec salaries will grow 7 percent overall this year, which is more than double the increase across all sectors in the United States.

Below are some of the highest-paying jobs in information security.

Please note: Median or average salary estimates were calculated as the average of different salaries found from multiple sources/

Also known as an ethical hacker, a penetration tester probes information systems and networks to find and exploit security vulnerabilities. Although some of the other security practitioners (like engineers) may also perform this as part of their job, organizations are increasingly hiring penetration testers whose job is to do nothing else but assess weaknesses and holes that the not-so-ethical hackers could exploit.

TechRepublic identified penetration testing as one of the top three most-in-demand cybersecurity jobs in 2017. Not surprising, considering that ransomware has become such a big problem across all industries.

Consultants are outside experts who may be hired for a broad range of needs by organizations of all sizes. Smaller organizations that don’t need or don’t have resources for a full-time, in-house security expert may hire an independent consultant to fill that role. Larger companies also hire consultants to provide specialized outside expertise and augment the work of their in-house security team.

Managed security services providers (MSSPs) also have experts on staff who can serve as consultants to their clients — and companies that can’t fill in-house jobs because of the severe shortage of cybersecurity talent often turn to MSSPs as a solution.

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