The Panera Bread Breach – Lessons Learned

Earlier this year millions of Panera Bread customer records were accessible via a flaw in the website according to KrebsOnSecurity. Panera Bread, based in St. Louis, allows customers to order online for pickup, or delivery by, over 2,000+ retail stores across the U.S. The potentially breached data could include any of the millions of customers that signed up, at one time or another, for delivery or pick-up of food online. Perhaps most disturbing to those of us in the cybersecurity community was that this data was accessible for at least eight months per KrebsOnSecurity. The attackers had potential access to the valuable customer data for at least eight months. In other aspects, the Panera breach mirrors many recent headlines where misconfigurations occur. As the website programming was set up, it seemed that the records could be indexed and the data harvested using automated tools with very little effort. Any vendor cloud infrastructure is vulnerable to necessary procedures that may be missed, default passwords that still get used, ports that might be left open to the internet, and more. The moral of the Panera story? Mistakes will be made. You need to take the steps to build more protection into the data for its’ entire lifecycle. CipherCloud cloud access security broker (CASB+) can help you add the necessary security layers to build Zero Trust encryption into any SaaS applications automatically. With Zero Trust encryption, your baseline expectation is that everything will be compromised at some point and that cyberattackers will get into your networks. CipherCloud CASB+ hardens your cloud infrastructure expecting that day. CipherCloud CASB+ ( gives you the extra blanket of protection you need to deploy cloud applications with confidence, and to stop attempted breaches of your data very early in the attack cycle. Certainly, people will make mistakes. The establishment of necessary policies, best practices, and technologies to meet these challenges head-on is required. Once you implement Zero Trust with CipherCloud CASB+ your overall security strategy will be much more resilient. Any data breached will be unusable to the attacker, as it will be encrypted and unintelligible. As a result, your networks will much more resilient to defend against any attacker that get inside, even if they are within your networks for a protracted period of time.

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