The 2018 Verizon Cybersecurity Report – Back to Basics

The 2018 Verizon cybersecurity report has brought us back to basics. Verizon reviewed over 53,308 security incidents including 2,216 data breaches from across 65 countries. We know from US-cert that about 85% of breaches are related to the exploit of missing updates and patches. The current reality today is that most organizations cannot apply these updates and patches as quickly as attackers can catalog and use them as exploits. It is a race that large enterprise can almost never win. Verizon’s key data in the report included: 76% of breaches were financially motivated; 73% of cyberattacks were perpetrated by outsiders and of those organized crime was responsible for over 50% with nation-state attackers involved in about 12%; The remaining 28% involved insiders; Insiders were at the center of roughly one in five breaches (about 17%); and, 1 in 25 people will click on phishing campaigns, regardless of the training and awareness programs. Verizon’s recommendations included increased vigilance, with increased review of log files and change management systems, continue to train personnel in best practices and procedures, limit data on a need-to-know basis, patch and update software on the fastest practical cycle as these vulnerabilities are easy for cyberattackers to find and exploit, and, TO ENCRYPT SENSITIVE DATA. CipherCloud’s cloud access security broker (CASB+) platform can help. CipherCloud CASB+ combines powerful CASB capabilities with our award-winning, Zero Trust end-to-end encryption and data protection technology to enable your enterprise to rapidly deploy cloud-native security and compliance across any SaaS, PaaS or IaaS application. The Verizon 2018 report summary can be found here: (

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