Tar.gz File Type – How to Open It, What Is It and What Does It Do?

The tar file extension is basically various different files which are combined in one file in order to deal with storage problems. Instead of having to deal with a folder that is with a lot of files by using a tar file, you can easily keep track of the files by having to track the also known as tarball file.

Since some of these files are often compressed in order to enable a space saving in the same time, they have the .tar.gz extension added to them or as many like to call them .tar file types.

How to Run a Tar.gz Archive and Extract It?

Tar.gz file types are usually used in macOS and Linux OS, so if you have encountered these types of files and you use these operating systems, you can open the tar file with a simple command line:

→ Tar –xz {your file}

The –xz is a combination of different functions to the command, explanations for which can be found below:

-x (extracting files)
-z (using the gzip software only for .tar files)
-f (specifies the input of the file)
-v (verbose mode which shows the progress)

So if you use the combination –xzf, you are basically extracting the files on the same place.

If you use macOS, you also have the luxury of using the Archive Utility to open tar.gz files just like any other .rar or .zip archives.

But if you use Windows, there is no program that is embedded which can let you open this program by default. This is why you can either use WinRar or 7-zip since they deal with all file types, including archives.

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