Stock Options, IPOs and Acquisitions Accelerate Cybertalent Divide

Everywhere you look, cybersecurity is booming.

There are the scary, dark sides of this story, with data breaches being reported almost daily, foreign actors trying to influence our elections and smart cities needing more protection.

But there are also huge professional success stories with companies and people working in cybersecurity that are making national headlines. Here are two examples that I want to highlight from just the past month:

Duo Security was founded in 2010 by Dug Song and Jonathan Oberheide and went on to raise $121.M through several rounds of funding. The company has 700 employees with offices throughout the United States and in London, though the company has remained headquartered in Ann Arbor. …”

I focus on these two examples because I happen to know Amit Yoran (CEO of Tenable), Dug Song and Jon Oberhide. I am not close friends with any of them, but I have done security work with each of them in a variety of different ways over the years. From speaking at conferences on the same panels, to meeting with their teams, to working on advisory boards together, I admire their hard work and business acumen.

While I did not profit personally from these great stories; nevertheless, I am really happy for them. Their companies will no doubt be studied in business schools around the world, and they are extremely (Read more...)

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