Remove “YOUR MAC HAS BEEN BLOCKED” (Error #268D3) Scam

This article will aid you to remove the YOUR MAC HAS BEEN BLOCKED scam fully. Follow the tech support scam removal instructions at the end of the article.

YOUR MAC HAS BEEN BLOCKED (Error #268D3) is a message seen on various websites that host a tech support scam with a phone number that allegedly belongs to Apple support. YOUR MAC HAS BEEN BLOCKED is a message that can appear also because of a Trojan Horse found on your Mac. Most of the scams that display the message have websites spreading them, which can lock you out of your browser to a point you can no longer tamper with it in any way. A few of those scams are a bit more sophisticated and could integrate with your system further. They can lock your screen and hold your computer hostage similar to ransomware viruses. File encryption, however, has not been reported to be present in those scams. Each scam uses one or more phone numbers for contacting the cybercriminals.

Threat Summary

TypeTech Support Scam for Mac OS
Short Description A tech support scam stating that your Mac is blocked and in some cases actually doing that. The end goal of these scams is to scare you or somehow force you into calling a phone number.
Symptoms The message YOUR MAC HAS BEEN BLOCKED appearing as a pop-up box, notification, error or as a whole page locking your browser or Mac screen. You will be lied to that you have a virus.
Distribution MethodTrojan Horse, Suspicious Sites, Redirects
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by YOUR MAC HAS BEEN BLOCKED

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