Remove Mac File Opener PUP

This article will help you to remove Mac File Opener effectively. See how you can eliminate the unwanted software at the bottom of the article.

Mac File Opener is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), and it is developed by the company PCVARK. The company is known to have many applications which are considered PUPs and also puts various advertisements in their software to point to other software they have created. What is more, scare messages might appear trying to trick Mac users into installing other PUPs. If you have Mac File Opener installed on your Mac, then know that pop-ups and alerts that visibly have no source might be stemming from this software or any PCVARK related apps.

Threat Summary

NameMac File Opener
TypePUP/Rogue Application
Short DescriptionMac File Opener is a PUP, developed by the company PCVARK. The company is known to have many applications which put various advertisements and scare messages, trying to trick you to install more apps.
SymptomsPop-up boxes, messages, and alerts appear on your Mac machine. You are being lied to that there are viruses on your Mac and that you need to install a removal software within a given time frame.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installers, Suspicious Sites
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Mac File Opener

Combo Cleaner
Malware Removal Tool

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Mac File Opener PUP – Distribution

The Mac File Opener unwanted application is being effectively distributed via freeware installers and bundled packages. You can get your Mac affected by it without even being aware, that the Mac File Opener has installed on your machine with a freeware installation or bundled package. In such packages, additional components for installation are not always disclosed properly (or at all), (Read more...)

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