Recommended Reading: Serverless Security, Application Security and Other Serverless Related Topics

From time to time, I’m getting asked to recommend books, articles, blog posts or conference talks related to AWS lambda security, serverless security, application security, and security testing. I decided to put my list of recommendations into a blog post, which I will update as new materials become available, or when I spot additional resources.

The main topics I’m referencing to are: General application security, serverless security (AWS Lambda security, Azure Functions security, Google Cloud Functions security, and IBM Cloud Functions security), serverless risks and best practices.

If the list looks half-baked, it’s because it is a work in progress. Shoot me an email if you feel I’ve forgotten anything important.   

AWS Lambda Security:

Azure Functions Security:

Serverless / Function as a Service (FaaS) Security and serverless risks:

General Application Security Articles & Books:

AWS Lambda (General):

Other Interesting Articles / Web Pages:

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