PII, Android and iOS: Most Invasive App Permissions in 2018

Mobile privacy is an area that every user should be paying attention to. In other words, users should be very concerned with the privacy of their smartphones and the personal information shared with app developers. And there are is plenty of reasons for that.

New statistics reveal that the average smartphone user has between 60 and 90 apps installed on their devices. Most of these apps request some sort of information about you and the device you are using. Requested personal information may include name, email address, or even physical address.

But because smartphones are so powerful, they can also get quite a bit more than that, such as your exact location, Symantec researchers pointed out. Other apps can be even more invasive requesting access to the device’s camera or microphone. While user request is demanded prior to the information collection, the level of access some access have to our personal data is still startling.

Did you know that 45 percent of the most popular Android apps and 25 percent of the most popular iOS apps request location tracking, for example? Or that 46 percent of popular Android apps and 25 percent of popular iOS apps request permission to access your device’s camera? Some Android apps even ask you to give them access to your SMS messages and phone call logs.

Researchers decided to dig deeper and to find out exactly what type of data installed apps are looking to collect. To do this estimation, the expert team downloaded and analyzed the top 100 free apps on Google Play store and Apple App Store. For each app, the researchers tried to uncover two things mainly – the volume of personal information shared with the particular app and smartphone features access by (Read more...)

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