My Web Shield Ads “Virus” – How to Remove It Completely

This article has been created to help you by explaining how you can stop My Web Shield adware from showing ads on your computer.

The My Web Shield adware is the type of program which you would not be happy with on your computer. The software’s main goal is to show all types of advertisements on the websites you visit. The program aims to gbe advertised as a software aiming to protect users from visiting websites that present dangers for their computers. In reality however, it does not block any suspicious sites, but instead shows advertisement ot such websites that may cause your computer to slow down. Since those ads usually lead to third-party websites of unwanted characted, it is stronlgy reccomended that you remove the My Web Shield software from your computer as it may be indirectly dangerous for your PC.

Threat Summary

NameMy Web Shield
TypeRansomware, Cryptovirus
Short DescriptionMy Web Shield is an adware program which aims to show various types of advertisement content on the computers it’s installed on.
SymptomsYou may see pop-ups, text ads, shopping toolbars, deal banners.
Distribution MethodVia software bundling or suspicious sites.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by My Web Shield

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My Web Shield – How Did I Get It

The main method by which you may have started seeing content coming from My Web Shield is by allowing it to be installed on your computer. This program may usually come embedded together with the installers of other programs. These types of installers may usually belong to free programs that are often used, like media players, torrent downloaders and other often used software. These installers may be modified by some (Read more...)

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