Mac OS X Airmail 3 Scam — Detect and Remove Infections

A recently discovered Mac OS X threat is the Airmail 3 scam which takes advantage of a software vulnerability, our guide will show users how to detect and remove active infections.

Threat Summary

NameAirmail 3 Scam
TypePhishing scam, Software vulnerability
Short DescriptionMac OS X Users can be made victims of a Airmail 3 scam caused by a software exploit.
SymptomsThe victims may receive multiple email messages in their application.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads, malicious scripts and other methods.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Airmail 3 Scam

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Airmail 3 Scam – How Did I Get It

Computer security experts have received reports of a dangerous Airmail 3 scam targeting Mac OS. It is rated as a severe threat due to the fact that there are several different ways that it can be delivered to the victims.

The hackers take advantage of a security vulnerability in the program (which is a popular alternative to Apple’s own “Mail”application) which automatically leads to an infection. For the hacker operators the most accessible approach is to use SPAM messages that contain the necessary code that will trigger this reaction. The dangerous code can be either directly embedded in the body contents or attached in a file or payload.

There are two main types of payload carriers that are most commonly used to spread viruses and threats like this one:

  • Documents — The hackers can embed the necessary code triggering the Airmail 3 Exploit in macros. They can be made part of any standard document including rich text documents, presentations, databases and databases. Whenever they are opened by the victim users a notification prompt will appear asking them to enable the built-in macros.
  • Software (Read more...)

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