Is There A Better Okta® Out There?

Better Okta alternatives

As the single sign-on (SSO) market heats up and more players file in, a common question arises. Okta® has done a tremendous job of being the cloud hosted web application single sign-on leader since going public in 2017. However, as the big dogs like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft® enter the SSO playing field, IT admins are often asking: is there a better Okta out there?

A Holistic View of Okta

better Okta SSO

To gain a better understanding of Okta and where they stand in the IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) market, we need to look at the field as a whole. Historically speaking, the idea of IDaaS was introduced in the mid-2000s when we saw an inflow of web app SSO providers. This group proposed the first generation of SSO solutions from the cloud.

For years, identities were stored on-prem with tools such as Microsoft® Active Directory®. In the past, the world primarily leveraged Windows® products. So AD was, by default, the identity provider of choice. But, as the IT realm grew, web-based applications began to flood the workplace. Active Directory was stuck between a rock and a hard place, as it wasn’t made to integrate with non-Microsoft or cloud hosted solutions. The need to connect users with their web apps is what sparked the need for SSO solutions that could essentially sit on top of AD and grant users access to the resources they need.

Okta was one of the first of these solutions to hit the market. It gained traction fairly quickly due to the the popularity in the use of web applications such as Slack, Salesforce, GitHub, and many many more. However, having to leverage web app SSO solutions in conjunction with an on-prem identity provider has proven to be cumbersome, with high costs and decreased efficiency. While Okta is a leading SSO platform, IT admins eventually wind up questioning the possibility of better Okta replacements.

Plenty of Fish in the SSO Sea

SSO alternatives

Better is all a matter of opinion, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? But, the truth is there are definitely (Read more...)

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