InSecurity Podcast: Securing Employee Devices to Protect Your Network

The virtual borders of the corporate network are no longer defined by the corporate firewall. With the proliferation of work and personal devices used both at home and in the office, the distinction between the corporate network and employee’s home networks has become blurred.

What if I told you that 67% of workers use their own personal devices while at work and 37% of US workers telecommute? What if you asked me, “why should I care?”

1)    Because cloud-based solutions (Office365, DropBox, Box, Trello, Atlassian, etc.) allow employees to access corporate assets from personal devices. Employees can connect USB thumb drives to personal devices infected with malware, then plug them into a company device.

2)    Also, because employees can access corporate email on personal devices, and telecommuters can VPN into work from a personal device.

3)    And because cached credentials from employees logging into company assets from a personal device could be stolen by malware. Web-cam enabling malware on a personal device can also spy on and compromise employees.

CISOs and their security teams have a difficult time controlling their security risk and exposure from cybersecurity threats originating from employee’s homes. Think you’ve got the kind of security solution in place you need to protect your network from not just the bad guys, but also the good guys – your hard-working employees?

In this episode of the InSecurity Podcast, Hiep Dang and Edward Preston join Matt Stephenson to introduce Cylance’s new baby: Cylance Smart Antivirus. Hiep and Edward will explain how Cylance is bringing their groundbreaking, enterprise-grade security solutions to the home user.

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