How to Remove Hijacker from Maca

remove hijacker from mac

This article aims to help you with the removal process of hijacker from your affected Mac. is a deceptive search engine classified as a browser hijacker. It is known to affect mainly Mac devices. Its tricky capabilities of modifying browser settings without your permission make it a potentially unwanted program. And for the sake of the security of your data and your macOS device you should remove this hijacker as well as all its associated files from affected browser and system.

Threat Summary
Typefor Mac OS
Short DescriptionA deceptive search engine that replaces preferred browser homepage, new tab page and searching service without asking for yor explicit permission.
SymptomsBasic browser settings are hijacked by the domain of the hijacker. An increased number of ads appear during browsing sessions and cause significatnt slowdowns.
Distribution MethodSoftware Bundles, Freeware Installers, Corrupted Web Pages
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by

Combo Cleaner
Malware Removal Tool

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It’s realistic to suggest that the reason for the appearance of during browsing sessions is a potentially unwanted program installed on your Mac. Program of this kind could have landed on your device with the help of commonly used distribution techniques. One of the most preferred is freewae packages. It enables developers of PUPs to inject the code of their apps into the installers of various free third-party apps and then release the modified copies across the web.

In order to trick users into installing all extras, they keep the information about their presence hidden. So there is a chance that during the installation process of (Read more...)

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