Google Customer Reward Program Scam – How to Remove It

This article has been created in order to explain what is the Google Customer Reward Program scam page and how to remove it from your computer and stop such pop-ups in the future as well.

Reports have increased of a fake Google Customer Reward Program messages asking victims to fill out surveys and promising different rewards if they do so. However, these types of surveys are often related to personal infromation being stolen from users, like their names, e-mail addresses and even sensitive data from the likes of passwords and financial credentials. Researchers have detected other pop-ups and browser redirections to be associated with the Google Customer Reward program and this is the main reason why it is recommended that you read this article to learn how to effectively remove Google Customer Reward Program scamming software from your computer.

Threat Summary

NameGoogle Customer Reward Program Scam
TypeAdware/Survey Scam
Short DescriptionTricks victims into filling out fake surveys with the main purpose of getting them to enter their personal details in those surveys.
SymptomsYou start to receive pop-ups and browser redirects to fake web pages that claim that you have been randomly selected as a part of the Google Customer Reward Program to win a prize after completing a survey.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
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Google Customer Reward Program – Distribution Methods

The Google Customer Reward Program is basically a web page. This web page can be seen randomly popping out on your web browser as a result of you possibly having adware or other ad-supported program that is currently residing on (Read more...)

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