From Critical Infrastructure to Elections to Autos: Management of Cyber-Risk Takes Center Stage

At a Cyber Summit in NYC this past week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that they are establishing a new joint center to provide a centralized home for collaborative, sector-specific and cross-sector risk management efforts to better protect critical infrastructure. The fact sheet regarding this new DHS Center can be seen here.

Here is a quick summary of key points regarding the National Risk Management Center, which will create a cross-cutting risk management approach between the private sector and government to improve the defense of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

  • The center, housed within DHS, establishes an organizational approach to integrate risk management activities, perform joint strategic planning, and most importantly, develop collaborative solutions to reduce risk to critical infrastructure.
  • The National Risk Management Center will: identify, assess, and prioritize efforts to reduce risks to national critical functions, which enable national and economic security; collaborate on the development of risk management strategies and approaches to manage risks to national functions; and coordinate integrated cross-sector risk management activities.
  • The National Risk Management Center’s mission is to provide a simple and single point of access to the full range of government activities to mitigate a range of risks, including cybersecurity, across sectors.

Here are some of the media top stories from the NYC Summit:

  • Wired magazine: DHS Will Shore Up Cybersecurity For America’s Infrastructure“At a cybersecurity summit Tuesday, Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced the creation of the National Risk Management Center, which will focus on evaluating threats and defending US critical infrastructure against hacking. The center will focus on the energy, finance, and telecommunications sectors to start, and DHS will conduct a number of 90-day “sprints” throughout 2018 in an attempt to rapidly build out the center’s processes and capabilities.”

Also on Tuesday, senators Maggie Hassan (D-New (Read more...)

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