Facebook Apple Pop-Up Scam – How to Remove It from Your Mac

This article has been created in order to explain what are the pop-ups appearing alongside Facebook and how to remove the software that may be causing the Facebook Apple pop-up scam on your Mac.

A new scamming pop-ups have been detected by Apple users to appear while they are browsing on Facebook. The pop-ups appear in different types, often many of which are leading users to call fake tech support numbers. Some of the pop-ups have been reported by users that they have received a reward and they should immediately enter their credentials in a fill-out form. The pop-up may also appear on mobile Apple devices. After carefully analyzing it, we have detected it to display primarily scamming messages from the type of the $1000 Amazon Gift Card scam, which are likely caused by an ad-supported program on the user’s Mac. If you see Facebook pop-ups on your Apple device, we strongly suggest that you read this article as it aims to help you remove the Facebook Apple Pop-up Scam from your Mac.

Threat Summary

NameFacebook Apple Pop-up Scam
TypePUP/Adware/Scamming pop-up
Short DescriptionScamming pop-ups that claim you have become a winner of a prize or ask you to call a number. End goal is to either call or enter your sensitive data.
SymptomsYou may start to see pop-ups that claim to be from Visa, Wallmart, Apple or Amazon.
Distribution MethodVia an ad-supported software, via rogue adware program.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Facebook Apple Pop-up Scam

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Facebook Apple Pop-up Scam – Distribution

The main way via which this scamming redirect message is spread onto the computers of victims is by being introduced as (Read more...)

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