DNS Unlocker PUP (Adware) – How to Remove It and Stop Ads

This article has been made with the idea in mind to explain to you what is the unwanted program DNS Unlocker and how to remove it from your computer and stop “Ads by DNS Unlocker” from appearing.

It has come to our attention that a very annoying unwnated software, known as DNS Unlocker, which we detected way back in 2015 has reportedly came back in 2018 with a new setup and a new interface, still promising the same deceitful claims that it will enable users to access geo-restricted websites, like Netflix and others of this type by modifying the DNS settings on the victim computers. The DNS Unlocker virus is the type of software which does modify the network settings on your computer, but it also does more than that. The suspicious program displays different types of advertisements, that aim to lead victimized computers to third-party websites that are advertised by this PUP. Since some of these websites may lead you to scamming or malicious URLs, we advise that you read this article as it may help you understand more about DNS Unlocker and how you can remove it from your computer.

Threat Summary

NameDNS Unlocker
Short DescriptionThe program pretends to provide you access to geo-restricted sites, but also aims to fill your computer with different types of “Ads by DNS Unlocker”.
SymptomsDNS Unlocker may display all types of ads that lead to websites which cannot be guaranteed to be safe. The program also slows down the internet connection and the performance of the computer It’s installed on.
Distribution MethodVia bundled installers or it’s website, claiming the program is legitimate and working.
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