Cybersecurity and the Ungrateful Masses

It’s probably no surprise to you that cybersecurity professionals are an unhappy bunch. There are a lot of issues between people in the community, between consultants and vendors, and between management in the security strategy tower and security professionals in the trenches. So, if you’re miserable and a cybersecurity professional, add ‘not being special’ to that now and go on be a little grumpier.

We have a lot to be frustrated about, really. Nobody understands us. But worse than that is the ungratefulness for what we do.

Through history, people have put themselves in harm’s way to do the right thing. Sure, some do it for money and others for the sex appeal, but mostly people go into security to protect. I get it that ‘harm’s way’ isn’t the same for cybersecurity and a beat cop’s police patrols, but the part of helping and protecting is the same. But I’m on a roll so don’t start throwing facts at me now.

The point here is that people who do physical security and assorted heroics get all the accolades. And the people in cybersecurity get insomnia, stress-fat, and eventually fired. Maybe not in that order, but definitely some of that.

Why? Spoiled ungrateful masses. It’s just a theory but I personally think the public is thoroughly unimpressed by tech skills – or at least nonplussed by anything not physically driven.

So, if I track a criminal through the forest by looking at foot impressions and broken twigs, I’m amazing. But if I track a criminal across the globe through code variations and connection timings in a variety of logs, at best I’d get an indifferent shrug from the public. Why?

Twice in a year I used cyberskills and detective work worthy of Batman in cleverness in finding the owner of a (Read more...)

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