BlackHat 2018: See Swimlane SOAR in action

Swimlane 3.2 is here! Visit us at Black Hat, booth #2304, to check out the latest release of our comprehensive security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform.

So, what’s new?

Swimlane 3.0 introduced prebuilt applications and modular applets, allowing you to customize and automate incident response processes to fit your organization’s unique needs quickly and easily. With version 3.2, we’re continuing to iterate off of 3.0 to improve the product, UI and ease-of-use.

Swimlane 3.2 dashboard
Swimlane 3.2 dashboard

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from our customers at Black Hat!

From security analysts and engineers to directors and managers, even all the way up to the CISO, Swimlane’s flexible, scalable platform can help your entire security operations (SecOps) team optimize your unique processes to improve security, prevent burnout and allow your SecOps teams to get back to investigating real and advanced threats. Visit our Black Hat booth (#2304) to hear from customers just like you and learn how Swimlane is helping each enterprise, federal agency and service provider optimize their incident response processes.

Black Hat 2018 Swimlane theater schedule

Some of the topics that will be covered during each of these sessions include:

  • Swimlane for CISOs: See how you can use our platform for comprehensive visibility into the efficacy, capacity and value of your organization’s security investment.
  • Swimlane for directors and managers: Learn how Swimlane’s detailed metrics on individual, team and organizational performance can help you better understand where your security teams are succeeding and how they can improve. Enjoy a demo to see how Swimlane delivers dynamic, adaptable and extensive case management and reporting to give you complete oversight over your total security effectiveness.
  • Swimlane for analysts and engineers: We understand one of your top priorities is to improve incident response times. Enjoy a demo to see how Swimlane easily reduces your mean time to resolution (MTTR) and integrates and simplifies your security toolset.

Learn more

We’re excited to collaborate with our customers and show you all the ways SOAR can enhance your organization’s SOC without adding overhead. Before you come see us at booth #2304 (level two of the South Convention Center in the Oceanside Ballroom), download our complimentary Gartner Report to learn more about how SOAR—sometimes known as security automation and and orchestration (SAO)—has evolved over the years.

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