A White Paper About Security White Papers That Looks Like a Security Article

Does the world really need one more white paper? Do we need more of some watered-down version of a product instruction manual and specification guide devised of other people’s quotes about other things and tied together with sales pitchiness? Do we?

Why do we call them white papers? Well, like absurd holy grail humor, wizard orphan fiction, and romanticizing historically murderous monarchy, we have the British to blame for it.

Apparently the 1922 Churchill white paper in response to the Jaffe Riots is the best well-known example starting this trend of IT product vendors passing off positive opinions of their own products as factual, decision-making guidance. Which is why this white paper is a response to Churchill dressing raccoons in school children’s outfits and raising them as his own children. <Editor please don’t bother with fact-checking that as this is now officially a white paper.>

Since I have now called this article a white paper, I can fill it with whatever opinion I want to pass off as fact. I can use whatever statistics I want to sell my opinion. I can take any sentence out of any context to bolster my claims. And in the end, you’ll make a business decision off of it and I’ll get rich.

So here’s my stab at a white paper:

The Glory that is Patch Management

Patching vulnerabilities should be your first line of defense. CSO shows that 80% of… exploits have patches. According to NIST SP 800-40r3 (PDF), “Organizations should implement the following (patching) recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their enterprise…”

Patching not only protects your network greater than any other security devices can, it also promotes feelings of security to employees and customers.

Famed explorer Sir Edmund Hillary agrees, “I still get the same thrill out (Read more...)

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