“Yahoo Customer Reward Program” Scam – How to Remove It

Remove Yahoo Customer Reward Program Scam from Your PC sensorstechfroum

This article provides information about “Yahoo Customer Reward Program” scam as well as all steps needed for its complete removal from the PC.

Is “Yahoo Customer Reward Program” a scam? The answer is yes. According to official information, Yahoo has never launched any customer reward programs. So all messages that try to make you believe that you have the chance to participate in “Yahoo Customer Reward Program” are part of scam campaigns that aim to steal your personal information and financial credentials. Such messages could interrupt your browsing sessions with the help of an adware or another kind of harmful program installed on your PC.

Threat Summary

NameYahoo Customer Reward Program
TypeScam, PUP
Short Description“Yahoo Customer Reward Program” message is a scam that trys to convince you to share sensitive details with bad intenders.
Symptoms“Yahoo Customer Reward Program” scam interrupts browsing sessions in an attempt to steal your personal information and eventually your money. Many other advertisements may appear in the browser and make it sluggish.
Distribution MethodFreeware Installations, Bundled Packages
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“Yahoo Customer Reward Program” Scam – Spread Techniques

Among the main reasons why you see “Yahoo Customer Reward Program” scam during browsing sessions is supposedly an undesired program installed on your PC.

Programs of this kind are mainly distributed with the help of shady techniques like software bundling, compromised installers, and malvertising campaigns. When the PUP associated with “Yahoo Customer Reward Program” scam is bundled to another third-party app it may easily land on your system without your knowledge. As its presence is usually concealed you might have unintentionally installed it during the installation process (Read more...)

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