The Under Armour Data Breach – One of The Largest of All Time

The Under Armour breach that happened earlier this year may be one of the largest data breaches of all time. There were two separate Yahoo! Data breaches in 2016 and then another massive breach of MySpace in May 2016 MySpace. In context, 150 million users of MyFitnessPal seems to impact more users than the Equifax hack of September 2017 and the eBay hack of May 2014. Both the Equifax and eBay data breaches affected over 140 million users. The analogy presented by comparison with the movie “Ground Hog Day” seems to apply with increasing frequency. The Under Armour cyber attack, and others, continues without abatement. Every day we see new about another massive breach unfolding somewhere in the world. Just this week, as I finished this blog, we read the news of a data breach that appears to have impacted millions of users at Telefonica, one of the largest telecommunications firm in the world. The Under Armour breach, based upon their press release, detailed a direct targeted attack that compromised the data of approximately 150 million MyFitnessPals accounts. Thankfully my personal fitness motivation never attained a level that I would have thought about MyFitnessPal (although now looking at the app, I should give it a try – once the dust has settled on this breach), but for 150 million people that are conscious of their fitness, this was an invasion of privacy and compromise of their personal data . These attackers were clearly able to compromise the network, perform necessary reconnaissance to locate targeted data, and then steal it without getting caught. In this sort of attack, the attackers were most likely able to dwell in the network for some period of time, to accomplish their goals. The moral of the story – besides having fitness goals? Even today with ever-increasing cyberthreat, news headlines highlight that data is always being targeted by attackers, and even cloud services are at risk, so be conscious of the data you are sharing, and security measure you are taking to protect that data. Our forecast? Groundhog Day to continue, (and definitely some new fitness goals). The news on the Under Armour breach can be found here:

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