The 5 Common Mistakes Your Devops Team is Making

DevOps has become an important and inseparable part of every business today. The rise of DevOps has meshed the development and operations teams together, largely contributing to the faster development and deployment of software.

Despite the most obvious problems that DevOps solves, there are a few common mistakes that DevOps teams and their organizations continuously commit while working together to deliver the companies’ products.

We have chosen to highlight the 5 most common mistakes your DevOps team is most likely to make.

Quickness Over Quality

In an attempt to meet the urgent need to develop software in accordance with the business needs, some organizations ignore the inexperience or lack of complete knowledge of DevOps and employ IT personnel who struggle to deliver effective DevOps outcomes. This can result in lower quality work making it out the door, as well as frustration and difficulty keeping up with competitors.

Another issue at hand when you put quality second is the concern over upcoming deadlines. DevOps professionals are often in a mad pursuit of getting the job done to meet their tight schedule. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to r with insufficient testing, which can result in security issues and bugs in the later stages of production.

Staying in the Experimental Stage

Organizations which are new to DevOps need to remember that you have to crawl before you can run.  Most DevOps experts advise starting small when adopting DevOps, and organizations appear to be following that advice.

However, starting small might be the right call when just starting out but that doesn’t mean you should stay small moving forward. When companies aren’t deploying at a high frequency this can cause more issues from not having the right processes in place for optimized activities. Some (Read more...)

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