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The Company

SofTec Solutions provides managed IT and security services to the Canadian business community of southeastern New Brunswick. The company serves a range of businesses within a 100 kilometer radius that includes automotive, accounting, trucking, retail corner stores, and senior care facilities.

“We’ve been able to develop expertise in different vertical markets,” says President Dave McPherson, who purchased the company in 1992. “For example, we have a solid reputation with the local Toyota, Volkswagen, and Audi dealerships for providing wireless connectivity for customer waiting rooms, integrating software for car programming devices, and securing company networks. All of our customers, no matter the type of business, expect strong protection to avoid downtime. If a breach happens, they would be unable to run their businesses.”

The Challenge

Dave is moving his clients to a managed services model and this represents about 25% of his business today. He believes a strong MSP business will drive efficiencies and help him sell more comprehensive security services.

“Our service area is becoming more populated and urbanized,” Dave says. “This growth is driving more IT needs, and this makes uptime and security protection even more critical. At the same time, we have a small team and need to find ways to resolve issues as quickly as we can.”

Continues Dave, “Moving more of our business away from break-fix services will help us manage our time more efficiently and reduce surprises by putting proactive programs in place for our customers. The challenge is managing our daily work as we gradually make this transition. With the right technology and tools, we believe we can do it.”

The Solution   

Dave has been using Avast Business CloudCare since 2013. He added Managed Workplace two years later for its remote monitoring and management (RMM) capabilities. The combination of solutions makes it much easier for Dave to transition customers to managed security and to respond to immediate issues.

“CloudCare’s premium remote control has saved us hours of time on the road,” Dave says, “and it allows us to manage more clients. I don’t know any other antivirus vendor that provides this functionality built-in. It’s usually a separate standalone product that requires an additional fee. At this point in our business model, we will not take on a new client without the ability to at least install CloudCare premium remote control software. Having direct access to their systems means we can provide fast, proactive service, and assess future IT needs.”

Dave says content filtering is also critical and he uses both features for 85% of his client base, “CloudCare’s content filtering has reduced exposure to at least 90% of the viruses and that means fewer customer calls and support tickets.”

For about one-quarter of his client base, Dave uses Managed Workplace.”“While we still depend on the range of security services that CloudCare offers, Managed Workplace gives us the ability to move specific clients to a higher level of comprehensive endpoint and network management, automation, and monitoring.”

The Results

According to Dave, CloudCare and Managed Workplace have provided a great path to managed security. “Using Managed Workplace, I have automated scripts in place through the RMM and can not only remotely monitor and manage more services, but also do this more efficiently and effectively.”

According to Dave, the benefits SofTec has enjoyed thanks to CloudCare and Managed Workplace include:

  • 90% reduction in viruses using CloudCare content filtering, meaning fewer customer calls and support tickets
  • 75% increased overall efficiency using CloudCare premium remote control
  • Comprehensive and improved security for clients with Managed Workplace
  • MSP business model setup using Avast Business Managed Solutions

If you would like to experience the advantages of CloudCare like Dave did for his team at SofTec Solutions, download a free trial of Avast Business CloudCare today.

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