Six Tools to Maximize Cyber Threat Prevention

Today’s web hackers are ever more advanced and are working hard to come up with new techniques and weapons to infiltrate networks. As attacks get more sophisticated, security providers are responding to these evolving threats. There are a lot of tools to help organizations of all sizes and budgets to combat ongoing threats. Companies are deploying an inline bypass protection system to facilitate safe access of tools such as advanced threat protection when an attack occurs.

With this system, network lines can stay up even when the attack reaches or threatens other parts of the appliance. Taking these security precautions is also essential for the safety of all those using the web and their identities and personal information. Below are six essential threat-intelligence tools that provide online businesses such as e-retailers a powerful tool to fight back against hacks.

Research Websites

The range of cybersecurity tools varies widely in pricing as well as capability. However, not all solutions cost money. Some of the research websites provide free services that analysts across the industry use to mitigate cyber-related threats. Analysts often turn to these websites for quick reference regarding cyber threat indicators. Moreover, research websites serve as a community where security analysts report malicious signs. These research websites contain a wealth of historical and current data that entrepreneurs can use to mitigate threats.

Security Awareness Training Systems

Social-engineering attacks triggered by incoming phones calls, improper web use, and phishing attempts are the frequent attacks on small businesses. Unfortunately, most of the current security awareness training systems are designed for large enterprises. However, some security solution providers are setting up training systems to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes ranging from those with a few employees to large corporations. (Read more...)

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