Satamon.exe Trojan (SATA Monitor) – What Is It + How to Remove It

This article has been created with the purpose to explain to you what is the SATA Monitor Trojan and how to remove it completely from your computer.

A new Trojan horse, using a process, called satamon.exe has been detected by security researchers. The malware calling itself SATA Monitor aims to slither onto your computer while remaining undetected and then use this cover to download other malware of all types onto the compromised computers by it. The satamon.exe does not show much indication of infecting a computer, but if your PC has been compromised by it or you believe it has, we recommend that you read the following article for information on how you can remove it from your computer.

Threat Summary

Namesatamon.exe Trojan
TypeTrojan Horse
Short DescriptionSlithers on your comptuer undetected and downloads other malware without your knowledge or consent.
SymptomsA folder, created in the %Roaming% directory, called SATA Monitor. A file, running as an active process, called satamon.exe.
Distribution MethodVia malicious e-mail spam or by pretending to be a legitimate program.
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Satamon.exe Trojan – Distribution Methods

For this Trojan to infect your computer, it may use various different types of infection activities, the main of which may be the file itself being uploaded on suspicious websites for software downloads. On those sites, the Trojan may be disguised in order to pretend to be a legitimate program that monitors your hard drive, hence it’s name SATA monitor. But this is not the only program it may imitate as the Trojan may pretend to be a portable version of a program, media player or (Read more...)

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