Positioning System Spoof Lash-up Can Reroute Robotic Automobiles Into Opposing Traffic

Bad mojo written up at Ars Technica and The Wall Street Journal, in the GPS realm. It’s high time for the manufacturers to step up remediation efforts targeting these pernicious position system flaws. Until the appropos remediations and mitigations are firmly ensconced within the hardware and software under scruitny, no human should trust autonomous-navigating conveyances, unless – of course – you are actively testing those systems.

““Our study demonstrated the initial feasibility of manipulating the road navigation system through targeted GPS spoofing,” the researchers, from Virginia Tech, China’s University of Electronic Sciences and Technology, and Microsoft Research, wrote in an 18-page paper (emphasis added). “The threat becomes more realistic as car makers are adding autopilot features so that human drivers can be less involved (or completely disengaged).”” – via Ars Technica Security Editor Extraordinaire Dan Goodin

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